Verify by W.I.N

Woodlands Identification Number

You can now verify your wine using our Cellar Release Verified program. Each bottle is assigned its own Woodlands Identification Number (W.I.N). To verify, simply enter the W.I.N. in the search bar below. Once you’ve verified the wine as genuine, you can also view the date the bottle was released from the Woodlands museum, as well as tasting and cellaring notes. 

Verify by W.I.N


Ensure your wine is the real deal.

Not all bottles of the same wine are equal. A bottle stored in optimal conditions will age perfectly, and be in pristine condition when opened and enjoyed. Woodlands has, as always, held back stock for our museum for the long term.

We have now implemented a system to authenticate that your bottle has been purchased directly from our museum, where it was kept in pristine conditions with controlled temperature and humidity. We call it Cellar Release Verified.